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Comics 101 for 02/02/2006
Video Game Review - Star Wars BattleFront II

In between drawing Spike vs. Dracula pages (check out my News section for more info on this upcoming comic book series) I've been playing Battlefront II and immensely enjoying blowing things up Star Wars style. There's really nothing more satisfying to me right now than blasting through wave after wave of battle droids or stormtroopers which should also appeal to all Star Wars gamers out there regardless of Classic or Prequel Trilogy preference. I also enjoy playing for the CIS, shooting through and running over my battle droid brethren to take out the oppositon. Only when I'm a clone trooper or a rebel soldier does friendly fire make me feel a little guilty.

Star Wars Battlefront II

But Star Wars Battlefront II is exceptional, a vast improvement over the original, with epic space battle campaigns and three times as many battlefields. I love dogfighting in this game and flying my ship right into the enemy hanger to dish out some punishment face-to-face. Some of my favorite maps to play are Polis Massa (probably the hardest to conquer), Tantive IV, Mustafar, Jabba's Palace, Kamino and Kashyyyk (both from the original but amped up here). Dagobah and Naboo can be hard to conquer or defend without the proper strategy though.

The game also includes the new feature to play as your favorite hero or villian from all six films (Jedi, Sith, Rebellion, Empire or Bounty Hunter) each with their own special weapon or Force abilities. My favorite hero character is Obi-Wan who just simply cleans house each time on Utapau when I play him. Mace or Luke on Coruscant, Leia on Naboo or Han on Tatooine can be unstoppable too. Playing as Yoda or Grievous doesn't always guarantee victory though since they can be trickier for me to master. I conquered both the Rise of the Empire and Galactic Conquest campaigns already but I'm playing through the game again on "Elite" which is a bit more challenging but I seem to be holding up.

If I only had Xbox Live and free time (something I seem to lack more of these days) then I could take my battle prowess online and go head-to-head with an oppenent on Xbox Live. I could also access the new downloadable expansion set content so I could play as Kit Fisto or especially as one of my favorite characters, Assajj Ventress. I'd love to play her against Darth Maul or Vader.

If multiplayer isn't an option for you then along with the traditional "Conquest" and "Capture the Flag" game modes there's also the brand new "Hunt" to tide you over if you want to mow down Ewoks on Endor or perhaps go after larger live bait like Wookiees on Kashyyyk or Wampas on Hoth.

Oh yeah, my player character name? Kai Justiss of course!

See you next week for a new Comics 101 feature!

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